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      Wenzhou Yongyu Filter Co.,Ltd
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      • Wenzhou Yongyu Filter Co.,Ltd
      • Address:Baosi Industrial Zone , Tangxia town, Rui'an, Zhejiang, China
      • region:
      •    China
      •    Wenzhou
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    2. Wenzhou Yongyu Filter Co.,Ltd is one of then main manufactures which is specialized in producing various types of auto filter parts (seat of filter) and the member company of China Internal Combustion Engine Association.Our enterprise is an..
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      Company: Wenzhou Yongyu Filter Co.,Ltd ( 溫州永鈺過濾器有限公司) 
      Responsible Officer: Qian Yongyu 
      Business Model: Production 
      Main products or services: Auto Filter & Filter parts; Oil Water Separator;  
      Type of business: sole proprietorship 
      place of incorporation: Zhejiang   
      Establishing time: 2006-2-22 
      Management System Certification: ISO 9000, TS16949| 
      Business major markets: North America, South America, Middle East  
      Main Product: filter;oil water separator;Filter Block; 
      Main models: European series; ,American series; 
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